Amber Marchese

is an Italian/American Actress & Reality TV personality

About Me

Amber Marchese is an Italian/American Actress & Reality TV personality as well as Producer & Writer. Amber is best known for starring in Real Housewives of New Jersey, Marriage BootCamp & Restaurant Stakeout as well as her contributions as a writer for People.com.


-Masters from Columbia University,

-Keynote Educational & Motivational speaker (Amber had spoken at Rutgers University Survivors Day, American Cancer Society Shining Star as well as other National Venues.

- Amber has appeared on The Reel, Good Morning America, Watch what happens live....

-Amber regularly appeared in top publications such as E-News, TMZ, People Magazine, Daily UK as well as other international publications...

-Amber is also recognized for her healthy organic fitness passion working with fitness trainers & unique cooking style.

- Amber has also appeared in Toyota Commercials, SS Scream short & Cooking with Jim.

Amber, is a breast cancer survivor, who relapsed just after premiering in Housewives. Amber, after her second diagnosis with Breast Cancer filmed Marriage BootCamp while being treated. Amber recently Acquired her License to sell Real Estate. Amber is currently working on a short film & limited series named ABBADON being sent into the film festivals this fall. In addition, Amber is writing a sitcom about the lunacy of divorce which will be is scheduled for pilot post-COVID 19 shutdowns. Amber has been happily married to James Marchese for nearly 15 years and has two amazing children which she loves & adores.

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Recent News

Amber Marchese
July 21, 2020

Amber Marchese Weighs in on 2020-2021 School Year Planning

Former RHONJ Star and Businesswoman Amber Marchese Offers Advice to Parents Planning the New School Year Amber Marchese is best known as a former member of Real Housewives of New Jersey cast. However, she’s now a mother of two school-age children who juggles her own business as a real estate agent. This puts Amber in […]

Amber Marchese
July 7, 2020

Ex RHONJ Starlet Amber Marchese Offers Advice for Newbie Homeschool Moms

Amber Marchese has long made her children a priority in her life. Now she’s offering advice to other parents who are considering pulling their children from school in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdowns. Following are some tips from  Amber Marchese  that can help newbie homeschoolers get off to a good start. Dispel the Fears Parents worried about […]

Amber Marchese
June 17, 2020

Celebrity Real Estate Agent Amber Marchese Reports High Demand for Rural Housing

Former RHONJ Starlet Amber Marchese Explains Why Homebuyers are Leaving Cities in Droves After leaving Real Housewives of New Jersey, Amber Marchese took up real estate. Along with her husband Jim Marchese, she specializes in helping people shopping for a first or second home find the house that suits their exact needs and budget. As a seasoned real estate agent, Amber […]

Amber Marchese 1
May 22, 2020

Cancer Survivor Amber Marchese Notes Co-Star’s Cancer Will Return if She Goes Back to RHOC

Amber Marchese backs up Peggy Sulahian; says RHONJ-related stress will bring cancer back In a recent discussion about the Real Housewives of New Jersey show, Peggy Sulahian stated for the record that she would never return to the show as she fears it would cause her cancer to come back. Fellow star and cancer survivor […]

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